When is a visit to a wound care center necessary?


Anyone who has wounds that are not healing as fast as they should be may be told to go to a wound care center to get them taken care of.

If you have a wound that is not healing like it should, how do you know if going to a wound care center is the right thing to do or is it just panicking over nothing instead?

Are you diabetic? — If you suffer from diabetes and have any kind of wound that is not healing, a wound care center likeĀ Wound Care Center NJ should be your first port of call. Doctors and nurses at wound care centers are used to healing diabetic patients heal wounds faster than they are healing, so you will not be treated as if you went when you should not have done.

As diabetics with wounds that are not healing can also end up with infections so bad that limbs have to be amputated, you are not jumping the gun if you insist a doctor at a wound care center take a look at yours.

Do you have circulatory problems? — Anyone with circulatory problems may end up with wounds that do not heal, especially on hands, arms, legs and feet. That is because you need good circulation so that the blood flow can get to wounds and heal them.

If you have a circulatory problem, and have a wound that is not healing, head to your closest wound care center to have the injury looked at and treated.

Do you have an infected wound? — If a wound is infected, and you do not have antibiotics to treat the infection, there is little chance the wound will heal by itself. When that happens, the infection must be treated before it spreads.

Going to a wound care center will mean you not only get the right treatment for the wound, but the doctor can also prescribe medication to rid your body of the infection.

Are you getting chemotherapy or radiation? — If you are suffering from cancer and have been having chemotherapy or radiation treatments, you will sometimes notice wounds are not healing correctly.

If this is your situation, a visit to a wound care center is a must, as it is likely your immune system is so compromised wounds will simply not heal by themselves.

Are you over the age of 65? — As you get older, wounds may take longer to heal. If you are also sick, or have mobility issues, wounds may have trouble healing on their own without the help of a doctor.

Visit a doctor or nurse at a wound care center, however, and you will be given treatment for the wound, told how to take care of it and given antibiotics to be sure it does not get infected.

Are you bed-ridden? — If you have bed sores caused by spending a lengthy period of time in bed, you must go to a wound care center to get help as these types of wounds will not heal by themselves.