What are Back Stretchers?



Back pain is usually caused by the loss of the normal structure of the spine or an injury. The degeneration of the spine results from aging or a medical condition such as arthritis. Back stretchers have risen in popularity because of their ease of use despite the fact that one has the choice of hiring a physical therapist to help them treat back pain.

Back Stretchers

A back stretcher is an economical device that can help to relieve any pain caused by compression or pressure on the spine. Back stretchers come in many forms and sizes. They range from a lumbar stretcher made of plastic to a back-stretching machine. All back stretchers employ passive stretching to do their job. The muscles that are relaxed will be stretched more. This is because the devices are designed to provide comfort to the user at all times. The stretcher elongates the spine to create space between the different vertebrae when the muscles are relaxed. This is counter to the effects of gravity that compress the vertebrae together and pulls down the spine.


Back stretchers can be used when one is experiencing other conditions such as bulging discs, sciatica, and arthritis on the lower back. The stretcher can alleviate pain that is caused by the compression of the sciatic nerve since it lengthens and stretches the spine. This eases the pain that is caused when one experiences sciatica. Back stretchers prevent herniation of bulging discs by creating space between vertebrae. Back stretchers are used to treat conditions that are caused by compression on the back.


There are numerous back stretchers to choose from today, and this makes it hard to determine which one will suit you. The back stretcher with the simplest form is the bolster. It is placed along the spine and opens the back by spreading the body to the sides. Soft bolsters are excellent for patients who suffer from sore backs because they do not have hard padding. Overweight patients whose backs feel stressed can also use it since it is flexible and can be used by people with different sizes.

If you don’t want to shell out money for a real back stretcher, you can do some simple stretches at home that may help you:


The ARC is a back stretcher that can be used when one is lying down or sitting. It is used to balance against the hunched posture that people adopt when they are seated. The fact that you can use it when you are working means that it reduces the probability of back pain. The Lumbar Extender Back Stretcher is the best-selling stretcher that reduces tension in ten minutes. The device is a favorite of many because it stretches both the lower back and the upper back.


It is advisable to go over the appropriate back stretcher that you need with your doctor or physician before you try them. An experienced physician can save you the time of trying different back stretchers with no results before finding the one that is right for your condition. This is because some stretchers work best in treating some other conditions and not necessarily the one that you might be experiencing.

Back stretchers are not a one-size-fits-all solution and using one could worsen your condition. This is an undesired effect but a preventable one all the same.