Using Electronic Cigarettes to Help You Quit Smoking


Ask anyone who has tried to quit smoking why they are not yet free from that habit and they will tell you it is extremely hard to stop. The reason being is the cigarette companies go to great lengths to add addictive ingredients to the tobacco that make it almost impossible to break free from that grip. There are people getting results however when they use electronic cigarettes to help quit smoking, and today you will be exposed to that information.

Here is how you could be using electronic cigarettes to help you to quit smoking too;

Using e-Liquids to Substitute for Nicotine

One of the ways that you can use the electronic cigarettes to help you quit smoking is by choosing e-liquids that have varying degrees of the same ingredients as the traditional cigarettes. Similar to how the patch will slowly condition your body to accept less of the things you’re addicted to, the e-liquids will give you just enough this week, and next week a little less.

Each week, you simply choose e-liquids with less of the bad stuff and more of the good stuff. It takes different times for every person, but before you even realize, you will have broken the dependency to the cigarettes and will be able to use the electronic cigarettes in a more recreational manner.

How e-Cigarettes Mimic Real Smoking

If you have ever tried to quit smoking without success, the reasons might not be obvious to you at first. Whether it be the patch, gum, or going cold turkey, your body is wanting to go through the motions with your hands, mouth, and breathing, so it is no wonder things like the patch fail. You fall back on old habits and reach for the cigarettes and take that deep breath of smoke to feel better.

With electronic cigarettes, you are going through all the motions, so your body thinks you are smoking, except you are not ingesting toxins anymore.

Satisfying Your Urges Instantly

When you are a smoker, you need a fix bad when the urge calls. This is why many people rush to get outside at recitals, basketball games, or even dinner. With electronic cigarettes, not only can you satisfy that urge instantly, you can turn off the device and simply use it later when the urge hits again.

This means you can take a hit off the electronic cigarette and put it away before anyone even notices. Secondly, you will not be confined to those limited areas only smokers can light up, you are free to use your electronic cigarette anywhere because it is not full of toxins like cigarettes.

Now that you see a safer alternative to smoking and a possible way to finally get free from the nicotine, why not try using e-liquids today and see for yourself. The number of e-juice varieties (visit slim’s ejuice for a wide range) on the market appeal to all tastes, so find one you like and finally get on that road to being free from smoking cigarettes once and for all.