Understanding Your Legal Options concerning the Abilify Lawsuit


Every drug company is obliged by the law to highlight the harmful effects of the drugs they manufacture so that the people who will be using them will be well aware of what to expect. Most companies observe this rule, but others only tell the public about the good news leaving out the other side of the story. This is treated as a crime and any person affected by the drug has the right to report the case and have the company compensate them for the damage done. This was the scenario with Bristol Myers Squibb and Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company.

So what is Abilify? The Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company came up with an anti-psychotic drug known as Abilify. The company manufactured the drug claiming that it could serve as an additional treatment for specific psychological or mental conditions such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, Tourette’s syndrome, depressive disorder, and irritability related to autism. After approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the company with the help of Bristol Myers Squibb, its marketer, went ahead with the marketing of the drug and proving that it could do what it was meant to do. However, what they failed to talk about were the adverse side effects that came with the drug.

The Food and Drug Administration published a significant warning in May 2016 notifying the public that Abilify was causing the patients who were using the drug to experience uncontrollable urges to shop, have sex, eat and gamble. Earlier on in 2002, the FDA had permitted the drug for schizophrenia but later widened the list of its usage. In 2013, the drug was among the best-selling medication due to the numerous advertisements of its capabilities. This year, the number of patients who were prescribed to the drug was around a million.

The Lawsuit against the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company and Bristol Myers Squibb

Due to the insufficient warning, many people went ahead and purchased Abilify without knowing what was waiting for them. After using the drug, most of them lost hundreds and thousands of dollars as a result of the side effects. Some of them lost the money to gambling and alcoholism, while, others used a considerable amount of money catering for medicine to treat the side effects as well as the damages that resulted from the side effects. In all the cases involved, patients did not exhibit any of the behaviors before using the drug.

For this reason, almost every person that has been affected by the drug is filling a lawsuit against the two companies for negligence. According to the lawsuits, Otsuka manufactured Abilify and marketed it knowing that it could lead to the numerous side effects. They failed to notify the public of the side effects and gave little instructions of its usage and what could be done if a patient suffered from the side effects.

Every person affected by the drug should see an attorney to determine whether they are eligible for compensation. The lawsuits if successful may cover treatment expenses resulting from conditions related to Abilify, monetary compensation of money lost through gambling, and compensation for emotional injuries.