The Wave Brush Provides Amazing Waves In Minutes


Having an obsession with your hair is a natural emotion for people with all hair types. To some people, the hair is what sets them apart from the rest. The hair product industry has grown over the years, and consumers continue to buy every new product in hopes of being able to wear the style of their favorite stars, or whatever hair style is trending. African American hair is very versatile, and diverse. It can be kinky, curly, wavy, or semi straight. There are many options for African Americans when it comes to hairstyles. One that has been popular for a number of years is wearing the hair in a wavy style.

Waves are generally worn by men, but lately women have gotten into wearing the short style with waves all over the head. A product introduced especially to help achieve this style is the wave brush. This special brush is a double sided brush with soft bristles on one side, and harder bristles on the other side. Each side is designed to give the hair an S curl type wave. The brush is used by Barbers and stylists to create the perfect wave look. A spiral pattern is how the hair normally grows. It starts from the crown of the head.

The wave brush helps maintain the natural spiral curl of African American hair. Getting waves using the wave brush is simple by using a little water, some tension, heat from a blow dryer, the wave brush, and a favorite product, like pomade, to hold the hair in place. To use the wave brush proficiently, start by dampening the hair just a little, then using the hard side of the two sided wave brush, brush the hair forward from the crown with one hand while blow drying the hair with the other hand. After brushing the sides of the head downward diagonally toward the front, and the back of the head straight down, use the soft side of the wave brush with a little pomade to get the hair to stay in place. The bristles of the wave brush are designed to put the desired waves in the hair to give the head a full S curl effect.

The wave brush provides 360 waves, meaning that it goes around the head in a circular motion. Many of the most prominent African American male celebrities wear the waves that are made possible with the wave brush. Some African American women who adorn the short hair style are also wearing the waves in their hair, and getting the most desired benefits from the wave brush. With the latest trends in hair styles today, the wave brush is a most unique invention that offers an exclusive look for the man or woman on the go. A long time in the barber’s chair is unnecessary for this amazing look.