The Competent Nexium Lawsuit


Statistics reveal that ten percent of drug prescriptions are not according to their respective treatments. In America alone, research shows that over 15million patients are prescribed with Prislosec or Nexium in the treatment of kidney related issues. Prislosec and Nexium falls under the proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) category. PPIs are drugs used to treat acid related problems such as heartburn, acidic indigestion, and stomach infections. Nexium is ranked as one of the commonly prescribed drugs with over fifteen million prescriptions in the United States alone.

Overall, PPIs are the most prescribed drugs in the world. Although it is true PPIs reduce the body’s toxic levels, they also cause kidney problems. Physicians unknowingly pose a great danger to patients by increasing the chances of getting renal failure. According to the law if a patient is diagnosed with kidney diseases after subscriptions of PPIs, he/she has a right to press charges. One of the best places an individual is likely to get proper legal support is the Nexium Lawsuit.

About Nexium Lawsuit

The lawsuit function is to fight against a drug manufacturer’s failure to warn of the drug’s potential to cause kidney problems. The lawsuit argues that both the doctor and the patient should be informed of the adverse side effects. It contends that, upon warning, a patient is capable of seeking an alternative method of treatment. Due to the availability of other drug classes capable of treating ailments with the same symptoms, Nexium lawsuit insists proper information should be provided.

Individuals Eligible for a Nexium Lawsuit Settlement

There is no guarantee that anyone suffering from kidney diseases qualify for a Nexium lawsuit settlement. Those who are entitled to any financial compensation are Nexium users who have encountered the following:

  • Require a kidney transplant
  • Acute Kidney injuries
  • Kidney failure
  • Require Dialysis Nephritis
  • Chronic Kidney Disease

It is advisable for an individual who has filed claims on either of the above complaints to contact an attorney first before filing a lawsuit on a PPIs related case. Personal injury lawsuits are subject to certain limitations of the period an individual should take before filing a lawsuit against the manufacturers involved. The lawsuit is capable of pushing for compensation where needed. Therefore, the services of an attorney or a lawyer are of importance.

How to File a Nexium Lawsuit

The first thing an individual thinking of filing a lawsuit should do is to contact a Nexium lawyer as soon as possible. This urgency is due to the availability of a statute of limitations that requires injured people to file a lawsuit within a certain period. Waiting too long could result in the jury declining the rights to sue. Lawsuits against renowned drug companies are no fender-bender cases. Therefore, choosing the services of a good lawyer is very necessary. The multi-billion-dollar drugs companies are capable of hiring the best lawyers in the world. For this reason, before giving it a shot, gather testimonials from employees and have concrete evidence. Finally, in a well presented case compensations are likely to be made, they should include the past, present, and future expenses.