CBD Oil Proving a Potent Treatment for Epilepsy Symptoms and Prevention


CBD oil and Epilepsy Treatment


In recent times, as medicinal Cannabis and Cannabis extracts are becoming more accepted and researched as treatments for disorders of all kinds, CBD oils have provided seeds of hope for those stricken by Epilepsy and the parents of epileptic children. CBD oils are cultivated from the hemp plant, which is rich in health promoting Cannabidol, or CBD, oil and low in the psychoactive THC component found in Marijuana. Though many Cannabis researchers and Epilepsy advocates are quick to disclaim CBD use with the reminder that Cannabis’ relation to Epilepsy is at best a budding science, it is believed that CBD oils may be the answer to fast acting and preventative relief for Epilepsy symptoms as well as the serious long term effects of anti-epileptic drugs.



Olivia VanderWoude and the Compassionate Care Act


The case of Olivia VanderWoude is perhaps some of the best supporting evidence for the kind of difference CBD oil can make in a person suffering from Epilepsy. At three years old, Olivia has spent all but fourteen total days in her life suffering from ongoing seizures due to her diagnosis of Epilepsy at just two months of age. Olivia’s mother Polly VanderWoude, had attempted, to no avail, the use of a host of different medications, ketogenic diets, and Vagus nerve stimulators in an attempt to control the types of Epilepsy Olivia suffers from. Polly and Olivia were major proponents in a bill to push for medicinal Cannabis and specifically CBD treatments in their home state of New York, known as the Compassionate Care act, which passed in 2014. Olivia is now being treated using CBD oils and Polly reports that her daughter’s seizures, along with other symptoms brought upon by her Epilepsy diagnosis, have decreased exponentially.



CBD Oil Legality and Medicinal Properties


With CBD proving such an imperative treatment in helping Olivia overcome her Epilepsy diagnosis that had so harshly affected her development, along with a multitude of other children and adults around the globe, more and more states in the U.S. have legalized CBD oils for use in helping Epilepsy and various other ailments Cannabidol has shown effective in treating. In two separate studies, one as old as 1978 and the other as recent as 2013, the medicinal effects of CBD oil in reducing and eliminating seizures associated with Epilepsy can be seen. Both studies showed that amongst a large population of Epilepsy sufferer’s who use CBD, seizures were reduced by 25-80% and in some eradicated completely with further CBD treatments.



What CBD Oil Can do for Your Epilepsy Diagnosis


Many people with Epilepsy suffer from what is known as treatment resistant Epilepsy, meaning that an estimated 30% of individuals don’t find relief from Epilepsy’s effects in the available pharmacological drugs. Pre-clinical studies, case studies, and surveys suggest that CBD oil has a strong anticonvulsant effect and the ability to greatly decrease, or eliminate, seizures altogether, as well as improve consciousness and spasticity in Epilepsy suffers with treatment resistant variations of the diagnosis. Of course the interaction between any type of Cannabis plant and the individual user’s body may vary but if research and recent legal findings are of any precedence, Cannabis, and specifically CBD oils could be the Epilepsy treatment of the future. You can buy CBD oil legally once you get a proper prescription.