9 Surprising Benefits of Cannabis


Cannabis, also known as marijuana, comes from the Cannabis plant and has been used medicinally for thousands of years, e.g. for Cannabis Light. It is widely considered to be safe to use for most people. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)- the psycho-active compound found in cannabis contains many healing properties and benefits.


Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

One of the biggest benefits of cannabis is its ability to kill cancer cells in the human body while not harming any of the body’s good cells. Currently, studies around the world are being conducted to study the link between cancer treatment and cannabis.


Cannabis Relieves Chronic Pain and Inflammation

For those who suffering from chronic pain related to inflammation, cannabis is an effective pain reliever. Cannabis is a safer, non-addictive and natural option compared to traditional painkillers. Cannabis has twice the power of hydrocortisone and twenty times the anti-inflammatory power of aspirin.


Cannabis Treats Mental-Health Conditions

Cannabis has been shown to be very helpful, especially regarding the treatment of mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, alcoholism, and various other addictions. Cannabis has been shown to be an effective remedy for treating withdrawal symptoms from opiate, alcohol, and dependencies on benzodiazepine. Likewise, the usage of Cannabis is an effective treatment for anxiety and depression when used in the right dosage and strain.


Cannabis is Anti-Spasmodic

In addition to being a pain reliever, cannabis serves as an anti-spasmodic, which is fantastic news for people who suffer from intestine, stomach, or bladder spasms.


Cannabis Provides Relief for Digestive Health Issues

Another important benefit of cannabis is its ability to provide digestive relief to its users. For people who have Diabetes or Crohn’s Disease, cannabis plays an important role in relieving spasms, digestive pain, and general discomfort.


Cannabis Creates Euphoric Effects

One big reason why people like consuming cannabis is because of the uplifting and euphoric psychological effects it provides. For those people who suffer from depression or PTSD, it can be challenging to compartmentalize different problems and negative or upsetting feelings. Thankfully, after consuming cannabis the stimulation of THC in the brain’s cells results in the release of dopamine, which creates euphoria.


Cannabis is an Appetite Stimulant

Cannabis can stimulate your appetite. It has shown to be a potent appetite stimulant for people suffering from mental health issues, eating disorders, cachexia, cancer, and a variety of other diseases.


Cannabis Reduces and Eliminates Nausea and Vomiting

Cannabis has shown powerfully effective results in regards to eliminating feelings of nausea and vomiting. Patients suffering from cancer, cachexia, or eating disorders can all benefit from the use of cannabis.


Cannabis is an Antioxidant

Lastly, according to a study- THC and CBD, two compounds found in cannabis, both serve as antioxidants. Cannabinoids act as antioxidants in the human brain, which decreases ‘glutamate toxicity’, which is a positive thing because glutamate acts as a neurotransmitter which signals nerve cells to fire. An over-abundance of glutamate can cause over-stimulation of nerves, however the cannabinoids assist in protecting the brain’s cells from damage because of the anti-oxidants in THC and CBD.